Hi, I'm Kristin.

I'm a bourbon and bubbly drinker, Grey's Anatomy lover, rowdy sports fan, and I like volume in all things—hair, sleeves, music and biz.

I’m also the Founder/CEO of The New Fashioned Co. and a publicist and marketer who has worked with some of today’s leading personalities, businesses and brands. From New York Times bestselling authors, athletes, Grammy Award-winning artists, filmmakers, for profits and nonprofits alike, I’ve helped my clients casually make the news.

I've Helped My Clients Get Seen On and In...

Now you can too.

Wouldn't you love to...

  • See your name and business in a magazine, listed as a source on your favorite website, or even appear on TV (and have Mama and all your friends record it, duh!)

  • Understand how and when to strategically use PR

  • Reach and grow your tribe through free, earned and trusted coverage (instead of constantly spending precious marketing dollars on paid ads!)

  • Connect with journalists who are looking for stories just like yours

  • Build your media bank to become a bestselling author, go-to on-air personality, in-demand brand partner and sought-after speaker (Media Bank = Bu$ine$$ Bank)

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Now you can.

I believe that PR should be accessible to everyday women and brands who have great stories—just like yours.

In this brand new course, I'll give you everything you need to confidently approach journalists, successfully pitch yourself, build great media relationships, and secure top-tier media coverage—all by yourself.

Your story is worthy. Newsworthy.

Whether you want to make the news to highlight…

  • That killer new book you poured your soul into

  • The upcoming event you’ve got dreams of selling out

  • The launch of a new product that’s already solving some major problems

  • Or you just want to share that hard-won wisdom of yours on a current event

Knowing your way around public relations is how you get that coveted spotlight to swing your way.

Public relations, publicity, PR, and every other form of the word is CRITICAL to your success.

Why? Because it’s NOISY out there. And we have to cut through the noise to reach the Christina to our Meredith—or whoever your person might be.

Here's the truth: With the right tools and training, anyone can crush PR. No publicity degree needed.

No, that's not a typo. I really do mean anyone.

  • Artists working out of tiny makeshift studios

  • Health experts eager to educate listeners

  • Authors looking for book coverage

  • Bloggers and content creators who need coverage or want to secure it for their clients

  • Musicians with a new EP hot off the press

  • Entrepreneurs dipping their toes in the water for the first time

  • Actors trying to land that dream role (or the first role!)

  • Business owners with entire teams that have been in the game for decades

PR is for everyone.

Can I tell you a little secret about PR?

Getting the right media attention at the perfect time doesn’t just give the public a heads up on how boss you are, it’s also good for business.

You Might Be Thinking...

  • Honestly, Kristin, I don’t even know exactly what PR is but I'm pretty sure I need it (PS: your secret is safe here)...

  • I don’t know anyone in the media and I’m scared to reach out...

  • I don’t even know how to write a press release, so how can I pitch a journalist?

  • Don’t I need a publicist to be in the news?

Well, GOOD. You're in the right place and I'm about to help you debunk all of these…

What You'll Learn

  • 1

    Welcome to Become the Master of Your Own PR

    • Getting Started

    • Let's Test Your Skills

  • 2

    Public Relations 101

    • PR, Marketing and Developing Your PR Strategy

    • Know Your Person

    • The Three C's

  • 3

    Preparing for Press

    • Gather Your Assets

    • The Cornerstone of Great PR: Your Press Kit

    • Eye-Popping Press Releases

    • Suggested Interview Questions

  • 4

    Media Outreach

    • Do Your Media Homework

    • Building Your Media List

  • 5

    Pitch It Real Good

    • Crafting the Pitch

    • The Three Most Common Pitches

  • 6

    Follow Up and Get That Interview

    • The Art of Following Up

    • You Got the Interview

  • 7

    Crush, Share and Track the Coverage

    • Getting Ready for an Unforgettable Interview

    • Sharing and Tracking Your Media Mentions

  • 8

    Making Media Friends

    • Building Great Media Relationships

  • 9

    You're the (PR) Captain Now

    • Let's Test Your Skills Again!

    • Congratulations! You're The Master of Your Own PR

Go at your own pace.

With on-demand lessons, you can go as fast (or slow!) as you want.

But do I get bonuses?

Um, yes! And you'll be so glad you asked. In Become the Master of Your Own PR, you’ll get:

  • My Top Secret PR Roadmap

  • Pitch It Cheat Sheets to Craft Your Own All-Star Pitches

  • Your Very Own Customizable Media Schedule

  • Press Kit and Press Release Templates to Eliminate the Guesswork

  • Your Media Prep Checklist

  • Media Outlets to Contribute to Today

  • And More Fun Surprises Along the Way!

Casually Make The News Without Breaking the Bank

PR can be expensive and when you’re getting your brand or business up and going, paying top-dollar monthly retainers just isn’t in the budget.

Creating a press kit alone can cost you upwards of $500 (been there, done that, paid the freelancer) and most PR retainers (for great firms or publicists) begin at $3,000 per month! That’s at least $36,000 annually and may not be in your budget right now. But with Become the Master of Your Own PR, you get all of the tools, tips and tricks you need to make the news and avoid breaking the bank—that’s the New Fashioned!

Ready to Casually Make the News?

I KNOW you’re chomping at the bit to get started. So don’t wait. Register today and get access to everything you need to quit feeling intimated and start casually making the news.

About The New Fashioned Co.

The New Fashioned Co. is a multimedia company that helps individuals mix business and pleasure to create a life they love.

We have one mission: Help every individual identify, build and use their business to create a life they love and do good right where they are. We believe everyone is in the business of something and we want them to use their business as the key to unlocking the life of their dreams.